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The Invite List.

By April 28, 2019 No Comments

One of the hardest things about organising any event is deciding who to invite. This task becomes even more difficult when you need to consider the size of your venue, budget restrictions or your other half’s guest list (and if you’re in my family – dad’s guest list!)  All these things combined can create a stressful situation when instead you should be feeling excited to share your occasion with your friends and family.

Unfortunately, we here at Magical Moments can’t decide for you who you should and shouldn’t invite (though some may try). However, we can help make this process a little easier by showing you how to navigate this precarious part of your event.

Step One

Know your venue’s capacity. There’s no point in inviting two hundred guests if your venue only holds half that amount. Also, some venues have a maximum number of people they are legally allowed to have on the premises. So, if you’re thinking of having servers or waitstaff, you’ll need to factor them in to the capacity (the Golden Number).

Step Two

Now that you have the Golden Number, start listing down all your invitees. We recommend you do this on an excel spreadsheet for ease. Don’t stress if at this stage the number of invitees is larger than your venue’s capacity.

Step Three

Once you have a list of everyone you could ever possibly want to invite, it’s time to split them into three categories: High Priority, Medium Priority and Low Priority (can you see where we’re going with this?)

High Priority: people you must invite to your event such as close family members, good friends or your boss.

Medium Priority: people you would like to invite to your event such as work colleagues and acquaintances.

Low Priority: people you would invite to your event if there’s room, but you won’t lose any sleep over if you don’t.

Step Four

Once you’ve relegated a priority to everyone on your list (and maybe realised a few things about these relationships because of this exercise), simply work your way through the list, inviting people until you reach the Golden Number.

And that’s it! By organising your invite list in this way, you ensure that first and foremost your event is full of people who mean a lot to you. And if someone is unable to make it thereby freeing up space, you’ll know exactly who to invite to fill that space thanks to your great prioritising!

Now all there is left for you to do is to sit back and watch us work our magic so you can enjoy your moments with your guests.