Food for thought

…and there were missed moments, no more.

By December 11, 2018 No Comments

Picture this: you have spent days, weeks or maybe even months meticulously planning, organising formulating your event. The day has finally arrived. The sun is shining brightly, the drinks are cooling and you’ve picked out the perfect outfit. One by one your guests start to arrive and the show is underway! But it’s only too soon when the first problem rears its ugly head. The caterers have forgotten something, or maybe someone brought a plus one without RSVP-ing, or maybe still you have forgotten something! Suddenly, you need to tear yourself away from entertaining your guests and hosting your event to potentially disappear for a while and return with a little unnecessary stress. And all the while your guests are left without a host and you’re missing your own event!

We at Magical Moments know from experience just how frustrating it can be when you must leave a fun evening with your guests to go deal with some irritating and (seemingly) insignificant problem. It’s times like these where you could really use the extra help from someone who is vested in the success of your event and someone you trust to handle the sticky situations.

And if you still need another reason to get yourself an event coordinator, just ask yourself – how many times have you hosted an event, only to look back to find memories of half-finished conversations and missed moments? Or memories of you dealing with problems instead of laughing and talking with your guests?

It is very rewarding for us to watch our clients enjoying their events wholeheartedly, being present in what’s going on around them and to know that we have helped create lasting, Magical Moments for them. So if you’re tired of doing it all on your own on that big day, all you have to do is reach out to us via email, Facebook or Instagram and tell us how we can help.

It’s really that simple.