About Magical Moments

The year 2020 was, by all accounts, an eye-opening year.  We have been lucky to have weathered the storm and privileged to have gained some insight along the way.

Part of that journey was considering what this business meant to me and what I wanted to achieve with it.  The past year gave me the opportunity to sit and reflect on this. So, this is who we are.

First and foremost, our business is to provide our clients with help and assistance when there are a million and one things to do regarding an event.  From reading pesky contracts (thank you, law degree) to handling vendor phone calls and appointments to scoping out locations: we are there to assist.

Secondly, we are a business for the community, which means that we understand that our success is the community’s success.  To this end, we are conscious, when we build our network of vendors, to include genuine entrepreneurs who have a legitimate skill and passion for what they do.  This would include the heavy hitters of the industry (no doubt), but also those that are still emerging.  This ensures we’re doing our bit to keep the industry fresh and vibrant and to elevate the community where we can.

Our business is built on the simple notion of helping people to create their own magical moments which stay with them for a lifetime.  Whether you want to execute a large, over the top event, or something small and intimate, Magical Moments Events has you covered.

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