About MME

Our main purpose for existing is to help you, the Event Host, to design, plan and execute whatever your vision is for your event. We invite you to leave the stress of throwing an event at the door and to use our superior organisation, networking, and design skills to really take your event to the next level.

Our second main purpose for existing is the community, meaning that we understand that our success is the community’s success. To this end, we are conscious when we build our network of vendors, to include genuine entrepreneurs who have a legitimate skill and passion for what they do.

About Us

Our Services

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We design and create unique looks for your event based on the venue, your personality and your vision.
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We assist you all the way through the process of planning your event, from helping locate vendors that can execute your vision, to making sure you keep on track with your to-do list.
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We will coordinate with your vendors and caterers on the day of your event to ensure set up and pack down is achieved on time. We will also help with the execution of your event on the day and will use our expertise and professionalism to ensure your event runs as smoothly and as planned, as possible.